It’s been slow going finishing up all the press materials, recordings, photo shoots, website, and of course finances… but now that the cart is secured in front of the horse I’m also booking shows.  Mostly it’s been at my home base: Phat Bites.  Even if it weren’t stumbling distance from my house I would think it’s one of the best hangs in Nashville – but damn it’s also convenient  to throw my equipment up there rather than lurking in my practice room!  So it turned into a regular thing.  Other added bonuses are that my collie is now spoiled by all the attention he gets as a bar-dog, and the tech-work I do is more fun with live music and a beer in front of me while I camp at a back table.  Stop by and hang out at my hang!

For the rest of the year and some of 2018 I set out with Jerrod Niemann. It was a non-stop party – my liver officially hurts – but the camaraderie and casual fun was just what I needed. The last few years I saw an onslaught of business managers injecting themselves into life on the road and it had me starting to believe the days of a band playing for love of music first and business second were over. This was what I needed when I needed it.

Jerrod had opened for Miranda so I had toured (and partied) with him a lot before but I never paid much attention to his showmanship. Seeing his approach to entertaining the audience and backstage guests nightly gave me a new respect for his clever and tireless dedication to being a host. Treating everyone with dignity takes effort – a sharp contrast to my previous employer.

Although it restored my passion for being part of a touring act it was also a temporary situation since I’m finally ready launch my next live band. For my last night he stopped the show and with an arm around me had the audience wish me well on my next adventure. He has many more ahead of him as well, no doubt!

I joined Brandy for the start of her tour this April. She is such a talent, it was fun being out with her. Charlie Worsham was amazing as always and I’m glad they’ve teamed up. Good times and beers were had but the espresso was questionable.