I’ve contributed many bits and pixels to youtube.  I’ve organized them by:

TV Appearances Music Videos Videos I Made Live Performances

For endorsement/networking purposes I have some videos organized by instrument:

on Vocals on Keyboards on Guitar on Pedal Steel on Mandolin on Dobro on Banjo on Harp

Or if you aren’t into organization here are my favorites:

A funny music video about our classic tour prank:

A funny response to Charlie Worsham’s cover challenge:
[lyte id=”epH1mB2qa6s”]

Hey, remember that time we played with Fogerty? (I’m on Mandolin in the hat)
[lyte id=”0O3WTOhz-1s”]

An encore when I got to sing the bridge:
[lyte id=”jo29C0P1epU”]

With Charlie Daniels, John Fogerty, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, & Miranda
(I got to kick off the whole award show by building an organ chord while the announcer spoke)
[lyte id=”lVTqZGRMGl0″]

With Sarah McLachlan and all the ladies of Lilith Fair 2010 (I’m on keys…thanks Vincent!):
[lyte id=”34Eq8jsasOI”]

With Keith Urban at the CMA awards (I’m on keys and vocals):
[lyte id=”fpBTZ464AJM”]

Back in my fighting days:
[lyte id=”otXpmldvb9g”]

  • Posted on 30. June 2013