The band that’s so hip it doesn’t even exist struck again in Chicago.  It actually got quite a bit of press this time…and it cracks me up that they describe it as “Miranda’s band, Permnent Damage”.  I guess we officially have a band name now…we just gotta figure out who’s in the band..or maybe we don’t!  The website has been updated with videos of the latest debauchery.

Fuck Her Gently

A guiness book record was given for the largest audience ever in an award show.  It was a big ass stadium. Sofía Vergara’s introduction was priceless: “leetle rhed waagon”. The ACM is working hard to keep it off of youtube, but at least one person out of 110,000 got a phone video without getting caught.

Playing a sold out Madison Square Garden was an unforgettable experience, except for my son who fell asleep on the front row.  As a tribute to the legendary venue we filmed our take on the ending to Led Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains the Same” documentary: